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        首頁 > 新聞百科 > ENERPAT in ALUMINIUM CHINA 2023 Stand N2 2735

        ENERPAT in ALUMINIUM CHINA 2023 Stand N2 2735

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        ENERPAT in ALUMINIUM CHINA 2023 Stand N2 2735



        ALUMINIUM CHINA brings together high-quality resources from the aluminium industry and end-use applications at home and abroad to comprehensively display innovative technologies and products. We actively promote the synergistic development of the upstream and downstream of the industry, expand business opportunities, and jointly draw a new path for the sustainable development of the global aluminium industry.

        Headquartered in Manchester, UK, ENERPAT Group Ltd is a European innovative environmental protection industry group with operations in 165 countries around the world. ENERPAT is a global service supplier for environmental problem-solving, renewable energy management, manufacturing, and sale of environmental protection equipment.

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